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Making A Killing Launch Date

Natalia was raised to believe that she was too odd for societal acceptance. With the death of her cruel and controlling mother, she seeks out her only remaining relative. She is determined to show her long-lost half brother, and everyone else, that she is perfectly normal. But, when she meets a prominent businessman with an irresistible proposition, she can no longer hide her true nature. Adopting his mantra, “You Do You,” Natalia realizes she doesn’t have to mask her true colors. He accepts her for the quirky, badass assassin she is. If only her brother could do the same. Knowing she can have everything if she stops at nothing, Natalia discovers, one natural looking death at a time, that making a killing is easier than fitting in. 

Making a Killing back cover blurb

New suspense novel by Cori Nevruz, Making a Killing, will be released September 28, 2021!

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