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Mina Ballerina – Now Available

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Mina was born on the night of the big ballet, and everyone knew she was destined to be a famous ballerina… but she had her own plans… Football! The book is about following your dreams, and not your assumed path.

Illustrators (in order of appearance with age at the time of illustration):

Giada Martucci (12), Poppy Coleman (13), Mallory Blackburn (14), Julia Beveridge (14), Allie Sauer (10), Lila Pfirman (13), Kaylee Appleton (12), Lilah Rose Heatherly (11), Sallie Brown (13), Libby Williamson (10), Isla Tesch (9), Anne Wells Lowery (11), Chloe D. Alimpangog (9), Eliza Lowery (8), Kara Appleton (7), Montana Star Owen (13), Cate Skiles(14), Carolina “Carly” Tesch (11), Abigail W. Zheng (10), Ella Carpenter (12), Sophie Gee (11)