Writing Psychological Suspense and Children's Books

Making a Killing to be published by Global Publishing Group

Cori Nevruz has signed an agreement with Global Publishing Group to publish her second novel, Making a Killing.

Following the death of her cruel and controlling mother, Natalia sets out to meet her long-lost brother. Having engrained into her since birth that she is odd, weird, and abnormal, Natalia is determined to hide her true self from her quite normal brother. 

After being confronted by a prominent businessman, desperate to stop paying billions of dollars to retired pension recipients, the quirky bad ass, Natalia, assassinates retirees one natural-looking death at a time in exchange for her brother getting hired into his dream job.

When she begins to feel like the living representation of Karma with each target having intolerable bad habits, she must learn to surround herself with people who accept her for who she is before her brother finds out the atrocities which she is capable of.

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