Writing Psychological Suspense and Children's Books

Everybody Toots

Everybody Toots is a hardcover book, illustrated by children, that shows through hilarious drawings that all different people and even animals Toot! Some of the characters in the book caught tooting are parents, grandparents, pets, a barber, athletes, teachers, politicians, patients, emergency workers, bus drivers and more! 


Kelsea Avery (Cover), Austin Clare Jenkins, Layla Hurley, Taylor H, Ashton Edmundson, Ebby Clark, Laura Beth Jenkins, Claire McLean, James McLean, Garrett Geib, Cash Foster, Susannah Martin, Amelia Jean Bush, Olivery Anguish, Britton H, Benjamin Brown, Scarlett Anguish, Lucas Diamond, Mia Lou, Mason Clark, Maeve Rhiann M, Nigel Nevruz, Skyler Merrill

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