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Pre-Order Noxious

🌟 Exciting News 🌟
My new novel, Noxious ☠️ is coming out this August and is now available for pre-order!!! 🎉

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☠️ About the book 💉

“Finally free of her mother’s controlling ways, Natalia, a quirky misfit, heads to New York City after learning a family secret—she has a step-brother named Daniel. With her desire to be loved and accepted by someone for the first time, Natalia pretends to be the person her half-brother expects. However, behind his back, Natalia is someone completely different.

Natalia works for Stuart, a powerful and eccentric corporate executive, eliminating costly retired pension recipients one by one. Not completely without emotion or a moral compass, Natalia tries to find annoying habits or irritating personality traits to justify her doings. Getting better at what she does, with good reason and even better pay in hand, most of the hits look natural or accidental and none can be traced back to her.

But after spending more time with Stuart, his wife, and a new love interest, the innocent facade she presents to Daniel begins to crack and her true colors start to slip through. With Daniel’s suspicion growing, Natalia finds herself at a crossroads: either conform to Daniel’s expectations or embrace her true identity.”

🤩 Pre-order from Amazon, request from your favorite book store/ library or go to my publishers website to learn more and to get a copy: https://lnkd.in/e7KqkdXA

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