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C&M: Camp Doggie

The Adventures of Chumply and Munch: Camp Doggie is a children’s book about two dogs who dream of the many adventures they wish to have at summer camp. While the dogs dream of all the fun summer camp adventures, the reader will prepare themselves for their own summer camp experiences.

All illustrations are created by students under the age of 17. Names and ages listed below.

Ella Carpenter (10), Cali Gardner (10), Ashlyn Mchtly (10), Lillian Amin (9), Coltrane Kochkarov (14), Nigel Nevruz (8), Fletcher Blackburn (8), Brenna McWilliams (8), Sofia Magne (11), Emma M. Thornton (11), Lawson Cargal (9), Emmett Lauffenburger (8), Ivan Nevruz (11), Mallory Blackburn (12), Kaylee Appleton (11), Bella Sherrod (10), Shea Hoffacker (14), Evan A. Mundorf (9)