Writing Psychological Suspense and Children's Books

About Cori

Cori Nevruz is a thriller and suspense author. Some of her works include “Noxious,” “Left Without Answers,” and “Dirty Laundry.” Nevruz likes to write emotionally invested stories. Originally from Raleigh, North Carolina, Cori Nevruz now resides in Wilmington with her husband and three sons. 

She has also previously published 11 children’s books that feature student illustration, giving over 100 children published illustrator credit. An active volunteer, an avid reader, potty humor enthusiast, and a strong believer in the power of kindness.

About Cori’s upcoming release, “Noxious”

Natalia heads to NYC after learning her family’s darkest secret: a half-brother. With her desire to be loved and accepted, she pretends to be who her brother Daniel expects. But behind his back, Natalia works for a powerful and eccentric corporate executive, eliminating costly retired pension recipients one by one. After some time, the innocent facade she presents begins to crack and her true colors start to slip through. Natalia finds herself at a crossroads: either conform to Daniel’s expectations or embrace her true identity.

Noxious is available now for pre-order and will be released August 6, 2024.

About Left Without Answers: An Intriguing Suspense

After the sudden loss of her son, Alice is thrust into a relentless quest for the truth. With no goodbye, no explanation, Hank’s departure leaves Alice grasping for any semblance of closure. She refuses to accept that her son’s vibrant spirit could simply fade away. Just when Alice begins to resign herself to the unknown, she discovers a series of cryptic notes scattered throughout her home. Each one bears Hank’s unmistakable handwriting, each one hinting at a truth too terrifying to fathom. Could her son still be reaching out from beyond the grave?

As Alice delves deeper into Hank’s hidden world, she uncovers secrets darker than she ever imagined. Betrayal, bullying, and buried truths claw their way to the surface, threatening to shatter Alice’s fragile reality. With each revelation, she teeters on the brink of madness, torn between the need for justice and the fear of what lies beneath. Alice refuses to rest until she unravels the mystery surrounding his passing. Can Alice confront the demons of her past before they consume her present? Or will her relentless pursuit of answers lead to a fate more terrifying than she ever imagined?

About Dirty Laundry: A Gripping and Jaw-Dropping Psychological Thriller

The once-perfectionist Samantha discovers that having control over her own life is quite different when adding a husband and children into the mix. As the structure in her life fades away, and control is beyond her reach, Samantha’s insecurities grow. Self-doubt is only compounded when combined with her husband’s insults and high expectations. Samantha does her best to put on a happy face and flaunt her seemingly perfect life, but a quick look into her journal shows the thoughts from the mind of a mom on edge. 

Playing the part of the perfect wife and mom to those in her community helps to hide her secrets until airing her dirty laundry to a new friend puts both of their lives at risk. What appears to be the perfect suburban life to an outsider, is only a cover for an imperfect marriage and an insecure wife. A fast-moving and suspenseful look into the mind of a mom on edge. Not everything is what it seems.

About Cori’s Journals

Cori has designed over 50 journals ranging from lined sports and inspirational notebooks, to word searches, recipe books and reading journals.

About Cori’s Children’s Books

All 11 of Cori’s published children’s books are illustrated by student artists ages 4-17.

To date, Cori has helped over 100 children become published illustrators!