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2020 Illustrator of the Year

Please vote in Facebook, by liking and commenting on the illustration you like best.

Open Call for Artists

Calling all student artists! I am opening submissions for illustrations to be included in my new book, Mina Ballerina.

Riley – Featured Illustrator

Meet Riley, this week’s twice-published, right-footed, left-handed artist!

Logan: Featured Illustrator

Logan is the talented artist that brought you the ‘shushing’ librarian in Chumply and Munch: Loose in School.

Austin Clare: Featured Illustrator

Austin Clare is a talented 8th grader who has illustrated for 3 books.

Giada: Featured Illustrator

Giada has been featured in 3 books including a brave entry in Perfectly Imperfect revealing insecurities.

Anne Wells: Featured Illustrator

Anne Wells’ artwork has been selected for two books. She is a very talented artist and incredibly sweet.

Kelsea: Featured Illustrator

Kelsea has been illustrating for Cori since she was in Kindergarten. Now heading to 4th grade, she has 5 published illustrations!

Cooped Up

Cooped Up is a book about all the activities you can do when you are stuck inside. The book was written and illustrated during the 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic .