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Dirty Laundry – Pre-Order Now!

Dirty Laundry is now available for Pre-Order!

Cori Reads The Adventures of Chumply and Munch: Loose in School

Watch as Cori reads The Adventures of Chumply and Munch: Loose in School with Chumply and Munch! See if you can find the dogs hidden on every page!

FREE Chumply and Munch Cutouts

Download and print the FREE Chumply and Munch cutouts.

Maggie – Featured Illustrator

Meet Maggie, an 8 year old taekwondo green belt and talented illustrator.

FREE Everybody Toots Coloring Page

Download and print your FREE Everybody Toots Tooting Dog printable illustrated by the talented Ashton Edmundson.

Cori SINGS Everybody Toots

Sing along with me as I read Everybody Toots

FREE Cooped Up List

Download your free list of fun activities to do when you’re Cooped Up!

FREE Mina Ballerina Coloring Page

Download/Print your free version of Julia’s ballerina to color from Mina Ballerina.

5-Star Review for Mina Ballerina

It might be 2021 but there are still many people who don’t believe in gender equality, or that interests and beliefs shouldn’t be categorized as masculine or feminine.