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About Cori

Cori Nevruz was raised in Raleigh, NC and currently resides in Wilmington, NC.

Cori is a mother to three boys, website designer, inventor, author, avid sports fan, potty humor enthusiast and believer in the power of kindness.

Cori’s first adult suspense novel, Dirty Laundry, will be published through 5310 Publishing this summer of 2021! When a suburban housewife battles depression, anxiety, jealousy, and a controlling husband, something has to give, and it just may be someone’s life.

All 11 of Cori’s published children’s books are illustrated by student artists ages 4-17. To date, Cori has helped over 100 children become published illustrators! Artwork is submitted for consideration then 10-20 are selected to be used in the book. Interested artists should follow Cori Nevruz – Author on Facebook at or @CoriWrote on Twitter to receive updates when new illustrations are being accepted.

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