Suspense & Thriller Novelist

Chloe – Featured Illustrator

Hi, I am Chloe D. Alimpangog – a Filipino. I am 9 years old and the eldest of 2 siblings.

This has been a challenging year for me because of the Covid pandemic where things came to a stop – especially for kids like me. I used to go to school at St. Theresa’s College of Cebu, however the current situation has pushed me and my parents to do homeschooling at Catholic Filipino Academy Homeschool. Major adjustments had to be made, but with effort and the help of my parents I was able to make it through.

I have started to read books in my free time at homeschool. One of my favorite books is on Sherlock Holmes because he gets excited with mysteries and finds answers to solve them. Sherlock never gives up despite challenges and so should I.

I also have started creating Art with my parents enrolling me to an online art class with Teacher Tyra Lu of The Artists of Tyra. My favorite type of art is painting, drawing and clay molding and more. This art development has opened the door to this competition.

This is my first try to join such and I am glad to have been chosen. My ballerina drawing was inspired from my first ballet recital 6 years ago back at my school.

I am very happy to have my artwork included in Ms. Cori Nevruz book – Mina Ballerina. This has encouraged me to improve in my art even more as well as in other things. Like my favorite movie character who never gives up – Mulan, with perseverance, I know that I also can.