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Exciting New Thriller Coming in 2022

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Have you ever wanted to match your candy bar to the book you’re reading?

Well, here is a convenient guide to your favorite thrillers and their matching candy!

Dirty Laundry – Book Trailer by 5310 Publishing

Watch the new book trailer for Dirty Laundry! Dirty Laundry tells the story of Samantha, who goes to extremes, risking everything to keep her secrets private.

Making a Killing Book Trailer

Check out the Making a Killing Book Trailer. Making a Killing is now available! Click here to order your copy!

Dirty Laundry Book Trailer

Check out the new book trailer for Dirty Laundry! Dirty Laundry is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and all of your favorite book stores!

Dirty Laundry Trivia Night Q&A

Answers to the Trivia Night questions from Dirty Laundry.

Making A Killing Launch Date

The new suspense novel by Cori Nevruz, Making a Killing, will be released September 28, 2021!

Watch the Launch Party

The Dirty Laundry Launch Party can still be viewed on YouTube!