Writing Psychological Suspense and Children's Books

Left Without Answers Cover Reveal


After the suicide of her only child, Alice is committed to finding out why her son took his own life. With no warning signs or even a letter, Alice searches for answers regarding her son Hank’s death. She turns to Hank’s best and only friend, Arnold, for answers.

But Arnold, like Alice’s husband, has moved on from the tragedy and pleads her to do the same. Arnold is confident that revealing Hank’s big secret will help Alice grieve.

But when Alice starts finding sticky notes that could only be from her dead son, her desire for revenge intensifies along with her desperate search for the truth. Alice becomes more detached from her friends, husband, and reality after each note. Eventually, a letter from Arnold provides her with insight and a target: Hank’s ruthless bully.

Can Hank’s notes provide the answers Alice is seeking before she completely unravels? When she is left with no one and nothing except sticky notes from her dead son, will Alice accept the truth, or will her need for closure endanger the life of yet another child?


Hank, Alice’s only child, is dead. Unbeknownst to her, Hank had been bullied for years. Alice is on a mission to find the person responsible for driving Hank to take his own life. Certainly, someone was to blame. Be it one of the bullies who tortured Hank day in and day out, or was it his overshadowed best friend, Arnold, who must have seen more than he lets on.

As Alice searches for answers and closure, the more she learns about Hank’s secret life, the more she feels Left Without Answers.

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