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FREE Mina Ballerina Coloring Page

Download/Print your free version of Julia’s ballerina to color from Mina Ballerina.

5-Star Review for Mina Ballerina

It might be 2021 but there are still many people who don’t believe in gender equality, or that interests and beliefs shouldn’t be categorized as masculine or feminine.

Cori Reads Mina Ballerina

Watch as Cori reads Mina Ballerina

Mina Ballerina – Now Available

Mina was born on the night of the big ballet, and everyone knew she was destined to be a famous ballerina… but she had her own plans… Football! The book is about following your dreams, and not your assumed path.

Abigail Bolick
2020 Illustrator of the Year

Congratulations to Abby on being named the 2020 Illustrator of the Year!

Dirty Laundry, Adult, Suspense, Novel

Dirty Laundry – Coming 2021

When a suburban housewife battles depression, anxiety, jealousy, and a controlling husband, something has to give, and it just may be someone’s life.

Chloe – Featured Illustrator

Chloe is a 9 year old Filipino student whose ballerina artwork will be featured in Mina Ballerina, a new children’s book which will be published in January, 2021.

Riley – Featured Illustrator

Meet Riley, this week’s twice-published, right-footed, left-handed artist!

Logan: Featured Illustrator

Logan is the talented artist that brought you the ‘shushing’ librarian in Chumply and Munch: Loose in School.